1. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Unserialize BLOB in Template

    I have a value in my table that is BLOB so I need to unserialize it during the foreach loop in the template. Is this possible? If so, how or could you point me to a template to look at? Thanks
  2. lsxforo

    want manipulate blob data

    Hello. There is a need to store of multi checkbox data, so I used ARRAY_SIMPLE and TYPE_SERIALIZED in DataWriter then I have got some blob data like this; row sample; a:4:{i:0;s:6:"mitem1";i:1;s:6:"mitem2";i:2;s:6:"mitem3";i:3;s:6:"mitem5";} In my view page but it won't parsed. I don't know...