1. truonglv

    Anonymous Posting 2.1.3

    Permissions-Based Access The "Allow User Posting to Thread as Anonymous" add-on offers permissions-based access, which ensures that only trusted users can post anonymously. This helps reduce the risk of misuse or abuse of the feature. Assign Anonymity to Specific Forum User With this add-on...
  2. upnet

    Registration and username anonimity

    I added a tidbit under the name field for new member registration some months ago, but I still get quite a few complaints after registering indicating my excerpt was overlooked. Is it the wording? I'm thinking to simplify it and perhaps change the color. Anyone have something that works...
  3. DarkKitarist

    XF 1.5 MITM question and going HTTPS

    Hello again good people at Xenforo, I hope you're having a great Sunday evening/morning/afternoon! Anyway today someone from "Anonymous" (not really anonymous but he referenced himself as such and these times everyone does this apparently) used the MITM hack to change our banner on the website...
  4. hollosch

    create polls for anonymous users

    Hi, is it possible to create polls for guests, anonymous users, or not-logged-in-users ?
  5. G

    Add-on Anonymous posting

    Hi everyone, We use this addon to enable anonymous posting on our forum. It has a major bug which, in some cases, exposes to other members the real username & avatar of someone who has posted anonymously. It's a big deal on our forum because members are working professionals and sometimes...
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