1. M

    Admin permissions not working

    Hi there, I have tried to add a new admin to the forum assigning him only some option but loging in with his account I have seen that the admin panel for him have all sections enabled. Is it a bug or I have made something wrong?
  2. Kruzya

    Implemented Ability see user activity if user hided activity

    As in thread title said, i want as administrator / moderator can see, what user doing right now. Currently, if user hides own activity, moderator/administrator see only last date activity.
  3. Penguinexpert1

    XF 2.0 Allowing Administrators to Manage Users only

    Hello, I currently want to add users (my Support Team) to the Administration panel, so they can send password reset emails / change usernames etc. However, the permission "Manage users and moderators" is not restrictive enough (Because it allows them to manage Moderators) Is there a way to...