1. Mr. Jinx

    Beta Group Moderators 1.0.3

    Give moderators or normal users an extra permission so they can manage member groups. This way they can view, add and remove members from a specific group. Normally, only the admin can add/remove members to groups. On large forums, this can be a pain and you may want to give this permission to...
  2. Yugensoft

    Bulk Add Phrases 1.0.2

    Description It is time consuming to add large numbers of phrases, especially to the Master language. This add-on provides a Bulk Create New Phrases button alongside the existing Create New Phrase button. Simply click that button and enter your phrases in CSV format. Screenshots
  3. C

    XF 1.5 Add a custom box to xenforo

    Hello all, I am using a pixelexit theme and wanted to know if there was a global way to add a boxes throughout the forum. Essentially, I would like to add a sidebox and a header box that is global throughout the forum for internal advertising. I have a couple of banners that I would like to use...
  4. C

    AD Blocker add-on?

    I was on a xenforo board somewhere that had an ad blocker pop up message. A pop up message showed up asking to disable the blocker for the site because it allowed revenue for small ad sense ads to come up on the page. I did a search and wasn't able to find anything in the resources. Maybe my...
  5. C

    Popular tags quick add

    Is there a feature or add on that will allow a poster to be able to select most commonly used tags instead of having to manually type tags in all the time before posting their thread? Maybe one that tracks tags the user has used most often?