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  1. thesignalman

    Not a bug None of my add ons are working

    I have no clue what's going on, I checked the servers, I contacted customer support on my hosting site NameCheap, and they said everything was fine. It might be something wrong with my computer, I'm not sure. All the add ons show up in the admin panel, it says they were successfully downloaded...
  2. nidhin

    How to implement member map api on front end

    How do we fetch members location details after integrated members map add-on. did they provide API end points after purchase or is there any others methods.
  3. Mouth

    Are XF2 add-ons better than XF1 add-ons?

    - Given the above selling point for XF2, I'm interested in the general feeling if in the past 6+ months we've realised or seen this? Those that have upgraded from XF1 to XF2, or are actively considering and testing for a upgrade...
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