[XFA] Frequently Asked Questions

[XFA] Frequently Asked Questions 1.4.3

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Maintenance release
  • Fix bug with PHP8.1+
  • Display last edited date on answer
  • Template error: Illegal string offset 'faq_category_id'
  • XF\Db\InvalidQueryException: xfa_faq_category: MySQL statement prepare error [1101]: BLOB/TEXT column 'description' can't have a default value
  • Seo improvements:
    • Add categories in Sitemap
    • Add category title and description tags
  • Add new field description for categories
  • Possibility to collapse categories in sidebar
  • Increase number of characters of question title to 250 instead of 50
  • Convert media url to media bbcode (like post)
New features
  • New options
    • Number of items per page
    • Homepage behavior:
      • Redirect to default category
      • Display welcome message
    • Welcome message: You can define a welcome message with html
  • Categories reworked
    • Pagination on categories
    • Anchor on sidebar item in order to redirect on correct question

  • U.I Bug on Safari
Attachments image aren't display in content.
  • Add compatibility with XF2.1
  • Add compatibility with Themehouse UI.X style
  • Change category title format (use field in xfa_faq_category table instead use xf phrase)
Note: This update will erase all your FAQ categories title, you will must rewrite them.
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