XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO

XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO

No permission to buy ($40.00)
  • Added Odysee as a service. I dont know why, but thumbnails can not be fetched for some videos. I don't understand what determines when a thumbnail can and can't be fetched. For instance, I had no problems fetching thumbnails for LotusEaters videos, but I couldn't get anything from SaltyCracker.
  • Added some checks so that if a thumbnail fetch fails, it does not error out and simply sets the default thumbnail.
  • Updated the addon to be compatible with the PCRE changes in the most recent version of PHP. It will still work with the older versions of PHP without issues.
  • You can now edit user groups when creating a media category.
If you are already running without any issues; you don't need to download this update. All this update does is a small fix in the setup file, for NEW installs. If you were running a previous version, and upgraded to, this update does not affect you.
  • You can now set usergroup permissions on a per-category basis. You can now make it so only certain categories can only be viewed by specific usergroups. As such, media belonging to those categories will be restricted as well.
  • The media widget can now be set to display random media, instead of the newest media.
  • FunnyOrDie and Mixer have been removed from the supported services.
  • Fixed media scraping for the NicoVideo service.
  • Small entity changes in order to comply with Twitch's new embed policies.
    • This update will reinstall/overwrite your service settings. If you have made customizations, you may need to re-apply them.
  • Fixed a bug where media would be double published to news feeds.
YouTube has been doing a lot of changes to their API guidelines in the past few months (XenRio users may know of the problems caused by this). With these new changes, they also now have an API Compliance Enforcement team. Unfortunately, this team has determined that you can not have a generic "play" button on any YouTube video links generated through their API... as it violates their branding guidelines. And if you don't follow the guidelines, they threaten to terminate your API access.

So this new version adds a customizable icon field for services. If you leave it blank, you will continue to use the default generic play fa-play-circle button. However, if YouTube ever comes knocking on your door about it, you can customize this field with fab fa-youtube and the hover will be replaced with a YouTube brand asset. Not all services have font-awesome branding however...

Available font-awesome icons:
fab fa-dailymotion
fab fa-flickr
fab fa-mixer
fab fa-soundcloud
fab fa-twitch
fab fa-vimeo
fab fa-youtube

If you decide to customize these icons, I recommended adding this code to your EXTRA.css
.fa-dailymotion { color: #00AAFF !important; }
.fa-flickr { color: #FFFFFF !important; }
.fa-mixer { color:#78D3FF !important; }
.fa-soundcloud { color: #FE5000 !important; }
.fa-twitch { color: #9146FF !important; }
.fa-vimeo { color: #1AB7EA !important; }
.fa-youtube { color: #FFFFFF !important; }

  • Support for Mixer has also been added.
  • Fixed some errors with the account media page where you could not change pages, add media to playlists, or bulk delete media.
  • Major changes to the way the Twitch API works. Starting this month, all requests to the Twitch Helix API now require an Oauth2 token. To facilitate this requirement, some slight changes have been made to the services table.
    • There are now TWO "API key" fields on the service edit screen. For other services that require an API key, only the first field is required. However, for Twitch, both fields are needed. The first field, will be your client ID, same as before. But the second field will be your now required client secret.
    • The next time this addon tries to contact Twitch, it will automatically retrieve an Oauth2 token on your website's behalf. This token expires after 60 days; in which case a new token will be retrieved.
    • If you also use XenRio, use the same client ID and secret for both addons.
  • Fixed an issue with Imgur when trying to scrape an album which has no title.
  • Fixed an issue with Youtube their their minor, unannounced API changes.
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  • Added additional search constraints for the media library.
  • Normalized the ewrmedio_media phrase in the quick search menu.
  • Gallery service embeds will no longer be put into aspect ratio boxes.
  • Bit Chute has been added as a service. Like GameStop, FunnyOrDie and Soundcloud, not all information can be fetched, since they don't have a RESTful API.
  • YouTube embeds have been updated to follow GDPR.
  • YouTube embeds have been updated to support various mobile functions, such as accelerometer and picture-in-picture.
  • Imgur gallery URLs have been added in the RegEx for Imgur. There doesn't appear to be any difference from their album URLs... but for some reason, some places on Imgur provide a different URL.
  • Fixed some abstracted image paths for people who use CDNs.
  • Added the ability to disable the individual media page, and instead redirect to that media's callback URL.
Because YouTube does not count embedded media in their metrics, this option has been added. By enabling this option, several other things will also be disabled by necessity. Sorting media by comments, reactions and views will automatically be removed. The trending/reaction box on the bottom left of the media thumbnail will also be removed, since it no longer serves a purpose.

An "edit" link will be added to the media tile, since there will no longer be an individual media page to edit the media. A downside of using the redirect option is that users will no longer be able to quick-tag media for the *booru system; only the media owner or moderators will be able to tag media.

BbCode embedding of media popouts will still function as normally... however, the popout comments option will be disabled.