[XenConcept] Premium Page

[XenConcept] Premium Page 2.0.5a

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • Update of the archive
  • Added a purchase date in the new premium user block
  • Add two options to choose to display or not and choose the format of the date.

  • Compatible with xenforo 2.1
  • Compatible with Font Awesome 5
  • Fixed a bug with the block "New Premium User Block". The block does not recover the last users.
  • When the user clicks the buy button and is not logged in, he will be redirected to the login page.
  • We have create the next sentence: xc_premium_page_choose_your_deal
  • The [ICODE ]User Group (New Premium User[/ICODE] option supports the selection of several user groups
  • The limit of 100 characters for the tooltip was removed

  • We have change the following style property Box by Box - Fa Icon
  • Added a new style property
    • Box - Text
  • Fixed bug related to icons fa
  • Replacement of "Unknown page" by "Viewing premium page" in the online