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I cannot believe this is a free addon, it does exactly what I needed it to, has a ton of features, easy to use and works perfectly. Thank you Ovunc Dinc or whoever runs this addon now.
Magic! Thank you! This is something our forum was missing and improves it by a mile. Happy customer here :)
Works perfectly on my forum, if you want to see how is look in action you can visit https://xboxforum.pl/
This is amazing and it still works fine even tho it's unmaintained. Really nice and simple to use. Just try it out
This is truly an amazing method to highlight threads. 5 stars even with the few bugs it still has... really nice.
Amazing add-on! Easy to install and customize and adds so much personality to any community! Best of all, it's free - major props to the developer for sharing it with the XenForo community. :)
Works perfectly, Thank you for free and a very useful add-on. Keep going. a super add-on I've been looking at such an add-on for a long time
This is an amazing addon. Perfect for promoting any thread you wish to feature on your site. This was what my site really needed, thanks to the dev for this brilliant addon :)
Excellent add-on with great support from the author, a must to show top hits threads and encourage more discussion.
Excellent addon with great support from ovunc dinc, very useful for promote a thread and make that active :) thank you very much.
Excellent Add-Ons. I vote you 5 Starts.

I suggesst you should have function to delete Current Icon when change another Current Icon.
And if you have options in Display in Positions on bottom or top of a Category it is wonderfull (y).

Thank you very much (y)
Fantastic addon, very useful for featuring threads of your choosing, something that I've seen a lot of people asking for. Also good for all kinds of "top 10" lists or whatever floats your boat. Thank you to Ovunc (and eTiket) for being kind enough to share it with the community. Oh, and don't forget to look under Style Properties for some options there to change the look to match your styles.
Amazing addon and amazing support from the developer. Takes feedback and suggestions very well and provide solutions. This addon has great scope.
This is the one I've been waiting for... Just need to provide the ability to see a list of all featured threads of all time. With that, I'll be keeping this add-on.
Thanks for this great sharing. Beta version created by eTikeT was good. By adding new features, you make it better and I am sure with new upgrades, it will be much more great.
Ovunc Dinc
Ovunc Dinc
Thanks @mkucuksari, I just only developed. As you know, oscar goes to eTikeT :)
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