[XD] Feature Threads

[XD] Feature Threads 1.0.2

No permission to download
More option more control, new changes make it more efficient, beautiful, and easy to use, hope to work with sidebar soon.
Epic! Installed in a fraction of a second, configured not long after. Permissions are a doddle and its even easier to actually feature a thread.
If Ronseal made addons..
Absolutely awesome addons this one. Should be in the core of Xenforo since it's very useful in most situations. Thanks XDinc for your work!
Really a fantastic add-on, I am wonder this is FREE, Because it is based on XF2.1 so we may face little bit adjustment problem as author mentioned, testing on my test forum is done, soon it will applied on my live forum, over all, you done a tremendous job @XDinc