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vBulletin Big Board Importer [vBulletin 3 + vBulletin 4] 1.5.0

No permission to buy ($150.00)
As XenForo 2.x is the primary focus moving forwards this importer will no longer be available for direct purchase for XenForo 1.x.

Please note service providers can still contact me directly for licensing as required.

A new version for XenForo 2.x will be available shortly.
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  • New fix to ensure all attachments are correctly embedded and display correctly.
  • Various other minor alterations and fixes.
Various assorted fixes.
Updated attachment export to work with table prefixes.
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Fixed avatar import to work with table prefixes.
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Updated column orders to work with XenForo 1.4.

(Note, will no longer work on previous versions of XenForo).
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1.4 Updated to support XenForo 1.4
  • Poll section changed to work with XenForo 1.4 Poll changes
Additionally, the following enhancements have also been added:
  • Added table prefix support
  • Added optional SED command option for OSX users to use GSED
  • Some minor syntax changes to help ensure additional compatibility on some systems
1) Fixed bug in attachment system that affects vB4 file system attachments.

2) Fixed bug in attachment system regarding empty batches.

3) Removed hard-coded DP stuff for link-forums.

4) Added option to resurrect sent PMs from vB. Currently they are resurrected, and the option allows you to disable that if you want.

5) Added setting to specify the usergroupid of the banned group in vB to allow for proper importing of banned users.
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1.1.0 Adds a variety of new features and minor fixes.

New Features
  1. Post_thanks and vbseo_likes are now imported as likes.
  2. 1.2 compatibility. (Requires a clean install of 1.2, not an upgraded database)
  3. Post edit history now imported.
  4. An import log will now be created to support redirection scripts and other addons which may rely on the import log.
Bug Fixes
  1. Incremental posts option disabled. Included warning not to use.
  2. Fixed bug with like cache rebuild.
  3. Removed some hard-coded stuff by DP for user upgrades import, and added comment that admin needs to manually create user upgrades with the same ids as vB if they want to use that.