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Unmaintained [UH] Footer Links 2.2.4

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NOTE: This version of the addon requires a new installation.

  • The addon has been slightly redesigned
  • Now you can specify your own color for each footer icon.
  • The addon had a conflict with the "Remove RSS" addon by AndyB, now this problem is solved by adding similar functionality.
    • Added option to disable access to RSS by link, which also disables the RSS icon.
    • If you just want to hide the RSS icon, you can do this in the style properties.

This version will work on both XF 2.1.x and 2.2.x.

If you want additional icons in the footer, do not hesitate to write ;)


  • uh-footerLinks-itext.webp
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  • uh-footerLinks-onlyIcons.webp
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  • uh-footerLinks-style properties.webp
    uh-footerLinks-style properties.webp
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  • Removed inclusion of link and tag icon from style properties.
    • Their display depends on whether you have enabled the "Enable content tagging" option.
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