Tagon 2.2.12a

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Slider improvements
small fixes for SFCore compatibility
small fixes for SFCoreExtended compatibility

Check demo of portal page
working with latest version of Xenforo
rewritten theme to better fit SFCore features
working with latest XF version
- fixing possible issue with hiding copyright info behind administrator/moderator staff bar when removing copyright of StylesFactory (theme info)
  • fixed files directiories
  • changed permissions settings for announcements
  • preview for node icon in node list
  • preview for node icon in forum edit
  • preview for node background in forum edit
  • preview for font awesome in forum edit
  • fixed missing phrases
  • changed some text explanations to make them easier to understand
  • fixed override of some nodes icons

  • css fixes
  • better compatibility with newsticker
  • better node background placement
  • removed old template files for new versions of our plugins
  • working with latest versions of XF (2.2.9)
  • fix for switch light/dark theme
  • new version of SFCore
fixed problem with blank page for new installations
small improvements in SFCore
  • new beta version of SFCore with improved settings management
  • dark/light mode
  • translation fixes
  • new extension with portal page with slider (only for patrons)
Confirmed compatibility with XenForo 2.2.8.