Solfege 2.2.13

No permission to buy ($55.00)
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.13
  • The structure Item note bug was fixed.
  • Minor CSS bugs fixed.
  • Suggest forum and Questions forum icon bug fixed.
  • The block description issue is fixed.
  • Small Logo spacing in mobile fixed.
  • The inline moderation bar bug was fixed.
  • Other minor bugs were fixed.
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.12
  • NEW Fancy demo has been added.
  • Dark demo enhancements.
  • Labels enhancements.
  • Menu tabs enhancements.
  • Message layout enhancements.
  • Input enhancements.
  • Block-header tabs bug fixed.
  • Standalone tabs enhancements.
  • Member profile enhancements.
  • We made some improvements and squashed bugs so it’s even better for you.
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.10
  • Content width calculations and PHP 8 bug fixed.
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