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Register email 3.5

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Register email v3.5 changes:

Fixed issue with whatismyipaddress link not showing if ipstack access key is not entered.
Register email v3.4 changes:

Fixed issue with custom user field title.
Register email v3.3 changes:

Added code to prevent server error log if country information is missing during lookup.
Register email v3.2 changes:

Added location entered to email if Required location is enabled.
Register email v3.1 changes:

Removed no longer used PHP code.
Register email v3.0 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries. Now supports both Single-line text box and Multi-line text box. Updated template code for more uniform look.
Register email v2.9 changes:

Updated email template to use horizontal line separators.
Register email v2.8 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with manually creating a new user and creating a server error log.
Register email v2.7 changes:

Now works with XF v2.0 and v2.1.
Register email v2.6 changes:

Requires XF v2.1 or newer.
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