Redirection Scripts for Invision IP Forums and Gallery

Redirection Scripts for Invision IP Forums and Gallery 2.0.2

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A bug in the previous versions meant that redirect rules targeting IPS URL structures that were not 'friendly', ie.: of the form would also target unrelated resources in some instances.

This version fixes the issue, and has been verified to redirect IPS URLs reliably in all circumstances.

Please upload all three files from the attached archive:
  • .htaccess
  • 301config.php
  • ips2xf.php
Just a minor bug that prevented gallery/category from resolving correctly.
This update includes support for IPS Gallery with the following URL types handled:
  1. gallery
  2. gallery/image
  3. gallery/category
  4. gallery/album
In order to enable gallery redirects, you must use the updated 301config.php and provide the name of the database table in which your import was logged (by default, this is import_log_ipsgallery_1 in the appropriate place... and that should be it.
This new version handles member profile pages identified in the Invision system with a /profile/ URI, and also member status updates, corresponding to XenForo profile posts.

Additionally, it is now possible to pass page numbers from forum and topic pages, although in order to avoid unexpected results you should ensure that the number of items shown per-page by XenForo in forums and threads matches the settings from your Invision installation.

These are controlled here:

Posts per thread page:
Admin Control Panel > Setup > Options > Messages > Messages per page

Threads per forum page:
Admin Control Panel > Setup > Options > Threads, discussions and conversations > Discussions per page

You may then enable the redirection feature to pass page numbers by editing the THREAD_PAGE_NUMBERS and FORUM_PAGE_NUMBERS constants in 301config.php.
Fix issue when custom import log is defined