Redirect manager

Redirect manager 1.2

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Looks like an excellent add-on. I'm testing it out right now and I love the fact that I can redirect old removed threads as opposed to letting them 404. One thing - I ran a header checker on the redirected URLs and see that they are producing a 303 response code. I'm wondering if that can be changed to a 301. Otherwise - excellent.
Having done a manual migration via CSV file, I didn't have a populated table of migration data.

I'll tell you more: I had so many menus, categories, and URLs without any IDs

Then, I wanted a solution without considering the IDs, because having migrated JOOMLA, KUNENA, CCOMMENT, as you might imagine I had the IDs triplicated on every imported data.


all three could have the same ID.

I had about 7000 301 URLs on htaccess. But I wanted to find a professional solution.

So why not make a solution where to redirect any URL with any ID (or no ID) to any other URL.

And this is where @AndyB proved its capabilities, with this awesome addon, you add all 301 URLs into your database table and like magic, all redirects work lightning-fast and like a wonder.

The power of this solution is that I can add more redirects when I need them, without being forcibly tied to the poor ID solution.

In short
With ID or without ID with this addon, you can make all the redirects you want.