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Password Tools 3.7.5

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  • Require php 7.2+
  • Fix php 8 compatibility
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  • Fix "Undefined index: match_sequence" error when "Force Reject" option is enabled
  • Ensure Haveibeenpwned API failures are logged to XF"s error log, while giving the end user a generic message. XF sanitizes password data out of the error log entries, so this is safe.
  • Require XF2.1, drop XF2.0 support and use built in composer support.
  • Update zxcvbn-php library to be more inline with zxcvbn-js
  • Fix incorrect phrase being used on haveibeenpwned api failure
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  • Add add-on & options icon
  • Fix issue blocking user login when the user's password storage requires upgrading and they have a weak password.
  • Fix XF2.1 compatibility with admin login screen (include changes in package)
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  • Fix XF2.1 compatibility with admin login screen
  • Update for XF2.1, supports XF2.0 & XF2.1
    • Wire up Show password enable/disable flag to XF2.1 native feature
    • Wire up zxcvbn enable/disable flag to XF2.1 native feature
    • Does not push zxcvbn blacklist flags into XF2.1 native version, but still validates them on password submission.
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  • Fix styling issue and both placeholder and aria-label not being applied to password input
  • Better handling of extending the admin login password field
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