[OzzModz] User Fake Activity

[OzzModz] User Fake Activity 2.0.3

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  • Code refactor & cleanup
  • Fixed "max(): Array must contain at least one element" error in public page view fake activity handler (if no existing user meets the trigger conditions)
  • Added new fake activity: user reactions for new content (requires enabled news feed)
  • More informative online threshold option explain
  • Added separate ACP admin permission to manage fake activity ("manage users" permission was previously checked)
  • Added trigger test run button & elapsed time information
  • Added CLI command to disable triggers:
php cmd.php xf-rebuild:ozzmodz-ufa-trigger-disable
  • Added filter by username for public page view handler
  • Fixed add-on install error (BLOB "options" column can't have a default value)
  • Removed unused "refine search" menu
  • Fixed "any" usergroups criteria does not work for public page view
  • Fixed handler class caching
  • Added more detailed trigger options descriptions
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