[OzzModz] Simple Stats

[OzzModz] Simple Stats 2.1.1

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  • Added thread filters — discussion type, visible/moderated/deleted state and open/closed
  • Added post state filters
  • Added compatibility with XF 2.3
  • General code refactor
  • Added user conversations started statistic
  • Added banned users statistic
  • Added user name change statistic
  • Added XFMG category album and media statistics
  • Added more filters for other statistics (user group filters, resource criteria, attachment content type filter and other)
Fix: insert canonical URLs for BB-code export output
Fix: properly trim empty space for export BB-code
Feature: add option to hide message for post reaction count statistic
  • General code refactor
  • Make query options more flexible
  • Make options row collapsible
  • Updated minimal XF version: 2.2
  • Fix: update browser URL state on stats input change
  • Added new statistic: user reported count
  • Added new statistic: user report assigned count
  • Added new statistic: XFRM Resource update count
  • Added new statistic: XFRM User rating count
Added export to BB-Code table
Added received & given reaction count stats
Rewritten thread reply count query (now can display threads with 0 reply count)
Implemented query options with AJAX update on input change
Depending on query type, supports Node ID, Reaction IDs, User state, User's total message count


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New statistics: XFMG views, reactions, comment count
Added option to hide content id displaying
Properly provide content links
Fixed incorrect order clause for User attachment size stat
Format attachment size value
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