[OzzModz] Reaction to Vote

[OzzModz] Reaction to Vote 2.0.1 Patch Level 2

No permission to buy ($10.00)
Fix: Front-end actions are performed regardless of disabled content-types & nodes
Fix: reaction to other's posts in suggestion threads causes vote to own thread
  • Added [OzzModz] prefix to add-on title
  • Added option to disable removing vote if reaction is taken back
  • Added option to disable changing the existing content vote
Use minified JS on production
Log correct error if js handler is null
Properly get actual vote_count from votable entity for reacted content
AJAX updating vote counters & actions block on giving or taking back reaction
Total refactor to support more content types

You can easily add support for your votable content by implementing PB\ReactionToVote\Entity\ReactionToVoteInterface


public function isReactionToVoteSupported(): bool
        $options = XF::options();
        if (!in_array($this->_structure->contentType, $options->pb_rtv_enabledTypes))
            return false;

        if (!$this->isContentVotingSupported())
            return false;

        return true;

    public function getReactionToVoteContent() // Should return votable entity
        return $this;

Config options can be extended in PB\ReactionControl\Repository\Repo::getSupportedContentTypes()


public function getSupportedContentTypes()
   $contentTypes = $parent::getSupportedContentTypes();

  $contentTypes['My/AwesomeAddon'] => [
         'my_content_type1' => ['title' => XF::phrase('my_content_type1')],
         'my_content_type2' => ['title' => XF::phrase('my_content_type2')]
   return $contentTypes;

Added node blacklist option
Refactor, QuoteBook support
Fixed vote removing on taking back reaction