[OzzModz] React as User

[OzzModz] React as User 2.1.1

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New supported content types:
  • XenAddons AMS: Articles, Reviews, Comments, Pages, Series
  • XenAddons Showcase: Items, Comments, Ratings, Rating reply, Updates, Update reply
  • XenAddons UBS: Blogs, Blog entries, Ratings, Comments, Series
  • Love
Reactions: Bob
  • Added REST API endpoints (see the add-on description)
  • Added Conversation message support
  • Added Xenforo Media Gallery Albums support
  • Added possibility to add multiple user to react
Fix: added rebuild job for broken news feed items (cannot be started manually, runs on add-on update)
Fix: reaction_id was stored as string for alert data
Added rebuild job to fix broken alert data (runs on add-on update)
  • Added [OzzModz] prefix to add-on title
  • Added compatibility with [OzzModz] Find Reactions to display original reaction user
  • Fixed wrong method canViewOriginalReactionUser() call in XF:ReactionContent
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