[OzzModz] Raffles for XenForo

[OzzModz] Raffles for XenForo 2.0.15

No permission to buy ($39.00)

Reviews 3.88 star(s) 8 reviews

it's actually not a bad add-on (it was a few years ago) but outdated at the moment, a bit overcomplicated and with a terrible layout

behaves unpredictably in some situations and has a lot of small annoying bugs due to its complexity

at the add-on price, to the unwillingness to maintain and improve the add-on by its developers I wouldn't recommend messing with it
It's a bit outdated, both in terms of design, functionality and user friendliness. There is also little support given in the related thread. It does the job barely I suppose, but the raffle addon from Stuart is significantly better in terms of the above complaints. I haven't bothered to buy it yet though as I already owned this addon from way back, but I may need to reconsider soon....
A great add-on. I follow and like your work. I support your work. It´s worth every penny we paid for it.
I have used this raffle on my forum and I love it. It works without problems and members like it too. Good job @ozzy47
Glad you like it and it works without issues for you.
Didn't work.
The widget never show up, we can't enter the raffle it say we don't have access... Poor addon who cost 39$ !!!
Sorry you are having issues, but I can assure you it does work. Have you set the permissions and ensured the widget is set to active and displayed in the location you want?
Superb mod. We used this on VB and this is one of the reasons why we moved over to XF 2 because this was available.
Great addon, it works very well and the speed of the support is incredible. Thanks for this great work, my users are very happy to have it
Thank you for creating this add on. We have been using it for a while and our users love it. It´s worth every penny we paid for it.
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