[OzzModz] Create Poll Thread Permissions

[OzzModz] Create Poll Thread Permissions 2.0.0 Patch Level 1

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What a fantastic idea! 😁 I could have sworn there was a "create poll" permission in XF, but there wasn't. This helps when some users get out of hand and go "poll crazy" on a forum.
I could have sworn there was one as well, that’s why I didn’t create it when I did the other forum types. But at least we have one now. Thanks for leaving a review.
Thank you very much Ozzy47! This mod is one of the "should be present by default" options, because for sure one does want to limit posting polls in certain forums, to only certain groups (like admins).
I was very amazed even in 2.2 this wat not present.
So thank you for doing a great job. Works flawlessly!
Glad to hear you like the addon and that it works for you. Thanks for leaving a review.
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