[OzzModz] Country Registration Ban

[OzzModz] Country Registration Ban 2.2.0 Beta 1

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This is a beta release and contains breaking changes that was tested in a limited environment.
Take a backup before installing on a production site.

  • Minimal XF version changed to 2.2, PHP 7.2
  • General code refactor
  • Now uses composer to load maxmind/reader library
  • Removed useless Cloudflare Middeware
  • Added checking for the release date to avoid downloading the same datatabase
  • GeoIP database was moved from /data/ to /internal_data/ folder to protect it from unauthorized downloads
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Support: XF 2.2
Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Country Registration Ban
Added: Support link for addon in the addon list in the ACP.
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Add - Download of database when MaxMind license key is entered or changed in add-on options
Change - Database update cron task will not run without MaxMind license key
Change - Country detection will not run if MaxMind database hasn't been downloaded
Remove - Download of database from setup routine
Fixed - [E_WARNING] file_put_contents(C:\root\Forums\MyForums\data/countryban/cloudflare_cookie.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in src\vendor\guzzlehttp\guzzle\src\Cookie\FileCookieJar.php at line 59

NOTE: All users of this add-on must obtain their own license key from MaxMind and enter it in the add-on options. Sign up for free,
GeoLite2 Sign Up | MaxMind

To obtain a license key, see this:
  • Add - Check that add-on is being installed/upgraded on XenForo 2.1 or higher
  • Add - Option to ban entire continents
  • Add - Check if MaxMind database already exists during install/upgrade to prevent spamming MaxMind
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This is just one of those days :(
  • Fix - Error when cron task runs
  • Remove - Reference to my Country Flags add-on
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