[OzzModz] Badges

[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.3

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  • Fixed template modification conflict on XF 2.2.13
  • Added search filters to "Users awarded with badge" ACP page
  • Added batch actions to "Users awarded with badge" ACP page
2.3.2 Patch Level 9:
  • Fix: "has/has not awarded with badges" criteria return an invalid result if user badges cache is null
  • Fix: avoid forcing badges as featured for non-featured stacking badges in user cache
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2.3.2 Patch Level 8:
  • Removed hard-coded "is moderator" condition from badge award reason edit check
  • Added a note for the badge stacking forced sort option that a rebuild is required to apply the changes
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2.3.2 Patch Level 7:
  • Fix: avoid errors on badge stacking with outdated badge cache
  • Fix: "Attempted to set 'featured' while a save was pending without forceSet" error
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2.3.2 Patch Level 6:
  • Feature: toggle featured badges from ACP awarded users list
  • Fix: Show badge title in awarded list
  • Fix: properly merge stacked badges
  • Fix: force highest stacking badge as featured if user has manually chosen featured badges (can be disabled in options)
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2.3.2 Patch Level 5:
  • Fix: "Featured badge limit" slice not working correctly
  • Fix: removed hard-coded condition which allowed only moderators to reward users
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2.3.2 Patch Level 4:
  • Fix: badges is not visible on batch award form
  • Fix: badge icon size in log
  • Fix: merge stacking badges on user badge cache rebuild before limiting by max featured count
  • Feature: option to always sort stacking badges by display order (enabled by default)
2.3.2 Patch Level 1:
  • Properly cache awarded badge IDs for user criteria a rebuild job will be automatically started after the update, this may take some time)
  • Fix: correct handling from legacy "has badges" criteria format
  • Added "NOT have the following badges" user criteria
  • Allow to un-award automatically issued badges
  • HTML codes in award reason now disabled by default for security purposes (can be enabled in options)
  • Rewritten batch badge awarding/unawarding based on user searcher criteria
  • Added new user searcher criteria
  • Refactor: badge batch actions
  • Fix: change FontAwesome version link to v5 that compatible with XenForo

This update was sponsored by @The Dark Wizard
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