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[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.5 Patch Level 2

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2.3.5 Patch Level 2:
Fix: do not send emails to not valid users or with empty email
2.3.5 Patch Level 2:
Fix: do not send emails to not valid users or with empty email
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2.3.5 Patch Level 1:
Fixed missing columns on add-on clean install
New features:

Added a badge option to set an external link for a badge, which is applied when clicking on the badge in the postbit and user card.


Fixed "trying to access array offset on value of type null" error on interrupted user badges rebuild
2.3.4 Patch Level 3:
- Fixed "Cannot manipulate data when the session is not started" errors
Feature: added option to cache stacked counters and display them:


  • Added link to badges tab in member full profile stats block
  • Added option to limit max running user badge update jobs at the same time (that triggered by users)
  • Added option to limit award message max length
  • Added option to display award reason in featured badge list
  • Added option to disable stacking badges on member profile tab
  • Added HTML code icon type
  • Fix: use lazy loading for images
  • Fix: disable overflow: hiddenfor badge list view
  • Fix: use flexbox for featured badges positioning on mobile view
  • Fixed template modification conflict on XF 2.2.13
  • Added search filters to "Users awarded with badge" ACP page
  • Added batch actions to "Users awarded with badge" ACP page
2.3.2 Patch Level 9:
  • Fix: "has/has not awarded with badges" criteria return an invalid result if user badges cache is null
  • Fix: avoid forcing badges as featured for non-featured stacking badges in user cache
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2.3.2 Patch Level 8:
  • Removed hard-coded "is moderator" condition from badge award reason edit check
  • Added a note for the badge stacking forced sort option that a rebuild is required to apply the changes
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2.3.2 Patch Level 7:
  • Fix: avoid errors on badge stacking with outdated badge cache
  • Fix: "Attempted to set 'featured' while a save was pending without forceSet" error
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