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[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.5 Patch Level 2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
You may not redistribute the addon in whole or in part.
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XenForo 2.2.0+

Reward your users with collectible badges, and control how your users get them.

  • Award users badges based on criteria.
  • Manually award users badges.
  • Display badges on users profiles, and profile cards.
  • CRON Job for automatically applying badges when a user meets criteria.
  • Notification options (User controlled emails, global disable)
  • Uses caching to escape extra DB queries
  • Data importer from [VersoBit] Badges
  • and more
Getting Started: Automatic Installation (with .zip)
Upload .zip to your XenForo forum using the Install/upgrade from archive button in ACP:Addons (admin.php?add-ons).

Getting Started: Manual Installation Method
  1. Download the desired version of the Addon.
  2. Extract .zip contents.
  3. Upload the contents of upload to the root folder of your XenForo Installation.
  4. Navigate to your forums ACP.
  5. Install [OzzModz] Badges in ACP:Addons (admin.php?add-ons).
How to import data from [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals:
  1. Disable [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals
  2. Install this add-on
  3. In your admin panel navigate to Tools -> Import data and select "[OzzModz] Badges: [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals”
  4. If everything is imported correctly you can uninstall the [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals
Getting Started
  1. Configure the Global Settings in ACP:Options:[OzzModz] Badges
This project is derived from: Badges (by @CMTV and @VersoBit)

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All badges are displaying on a new "Badges" help page (/help/badges) grouped into categories:

You can also see the full list of users there were awarded with specific badge by clicking on corresponding icon below badge description:

User badges

If user has at least one badge, a new tab called "Badges" will appear in his profile. It contains a list of all badges this user has + award reasons:

Featured badges

Depending on "Max featured badges number" permission, users can feature badges they are most proud of (4 by default).

Featured badges are displaying in user messages, in his profile and profile tooltip:



Clicking on featured badges will redirect to user badges page.

Awarding with badges

Users with "Award" permission (usually moderators) can award users with badges right in their profile pages:


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Latest reviews

Absolutely wonderful. The customization options are also really great. Thanks for the work that you do!
How is this not a paid addon? :O
A must have honestly. My only request would be to have an option to have it linked to the XenForo trophy system.
Just started using this add-on and I friggin love it. This is something you would expect from a paid add-on. Very well done and adds an even deeper dimension to how you can engage, reward and build stickiness with your site's users. Ozzy continues to be a force for the XF community and I am thankful for it.
Works excellent, great addition to our forum: https://admin-junkies.com/help/ozzmodz_badges/

Easy to install and setup. No Server errors.
Easy to install and get to grips with and a good way to build traction and engagement within your forum community
Amazing add-on that is what you make of it on your website. Love the work that has been put into it. Great stuff!
Wow! This gives the users some motivation to be active on the site. Also Gives the staff members a reason to be active on the site lol. Just an amazing add-on that helps out alot. Thank you!
Great addon, highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it. Customer support is great and it works.
Super quality addon with excellent features to provide your community with a nice badge system. You can award users badges based on lots of different criteria. A huge upgrade compared to the lacking XF default trophy system.
Easy install, works well. Fast, lightweight, self explanatory. Was going to buy a different add-on but this one works so I'll just donate to OzzModz.
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