[OzzModz] Back To Top Icon In Postbit

[OzzModz] Back To Top Icon In Postbit 2.0.3

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Support: XF 2.2
Added: Support link for addon in the addon list in the ACP.
Added [OzzModz] to addon title to make finding it in the ACP easier.
Added The back to top icon is now in the conversation postbit.
This is a pretty big update to the small addon.

  • Added An option t enable usergroup permissions. You can now set which usergroups can use the addon, or simply leave the option off so all usergroups can use it.
  • Added Three new positions to display the icon. You now can have it show before the share icon, after the share icon, after the bookmark icon and after the post number.
  • Added Two style properties, one controls the location you want the icon displayed in, the other you can set any font awesome icon you wish to use as the back to top icon.
  • Changed The icon no longer shows in the first post.
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