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Unmaintained Munin Graph Users / Guests Online 2.2

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The attached zip now contains two files, one for XenForo 1.1.X and one for XenForo 1.2.X

Please use the version which suits your board version.

It will now work with large volumes of all users online

matt@Matt-PC:/var/www$ /usr/share/munin/plugins/xenforo_users       
members.value 1674
guests.value 2594
robots.value 1524
This version adds a fix in to remove the comma used for thousand separators on large boards.

members.value 138
guests.value 1982
I've updated the Perl script to include some error checking.

You can now use autoconf to check / troubleshoot if you are getting the below response:

# ./xenforo_users
members.value U
guests.value U

Checks for 404, 403 errors, and also checks if the site is a XenForo site.
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