[MMO] Centrifugo

[MMO] Centrifugo 2.2.2

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Add cli command: mcgo-centrifugo:info
Generate jwt token for subcription

We pass the token that we generated. Also, if an empty string is passed and you do not need to generate tokens every time for guests, specify in the setting
"anonymous": true
"client_anonymous": true
If you are using our add-ons, then you must remove these options from the configuration. Because they are no longer relevant.
If you are using the live threads add-on (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/mmo-live-threads.8777/)
You must add a namespace. Example configuration with live threads:
  "token_hmac_secret_key": "",
  "admin_password": "",
  "admin_secret": "",
  "api_key": "",
  "allowed_origins": [
  "namespaces": [
      "name": "public"
You can find information about namespaces here:
Add new options host address and path
Add information on admin dashboard
Add missing requirement add-on [MMO] Core Library

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