Unmaintained Minty 1.5.24

No permission to buy ($25.00)
We love this theme and didn't had any problems to customize it for our needs.

You can take a look on it at:

Our forum belongs to the biggest gaming website in germany and generated around 1 million views per month.
Looking for a good modern minimalist theme I stumbled upon this Minty theme and decided to give it a shot. Was also quite easy to customize and make suitable for my forum.
Some functions of the XF code are rendered non-functional when using this theme; a buyer will have to go through and debug this theme once they upload it and begin testing. Most of the colors of the theme are hard-coded, so if you buy it in hopes of changing the color scheme, you'll need to manually scour the numerous CSS templates to find all the hardcoded colors and replace "@color" selections from the Color Palette.

I've built vB themes myself and was hoping I could focus on content building this time, but with this theme it looks like I'll still be having to write my own code.

If these issues get resolved in the near future I'd be happy to amend my review and stars, but for now I'm disappointed.
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