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Limit bots 2.3.1

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  • Require php7+
  • Adjust sampling non-member/robot session activity to not call mt_rand function if the percentage is >= 100%
  • Require XF2.1+, remove XF2.0 support
  • Add "Sample robot session update threshold" option (default disabled)
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  • Fix XF2.1 support when using "On counting views, skip zero post users" option
This add-on appears to have no compatibility issues with XF2.1
  • Skip counting views for banned users
  • Add "zero post users as bots" option (default enabled) (skips counting views for users with no posts)
  • Add "Count guests views" option (default enabled)
  • Fix installing add-on due to leftover code event listener configuration.
  • Tweak execution order of class extensions/template modifications/etc to provide predictable ordering
  • Add LICENCE and README.MD to redistributable.
  • Remove support for pre-release versions of XF2