Force to read a thread (STFRT2)

Force to read a thread (STFRT2) 1.2.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
They have created rules for your forum in a thread, but nobody reads them?
Then use this add-on.
It forces users to read a particular thread and only then can they view other threads/Forum etc.
au lait
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Latest updates

  1. 1.2.0

    [add] FRT for create Thread [add] If there is a FRT for "Reply" then the replay field will be...
  2. 1.1.1

    [fixed] Issue with user merge
  3. 1.1.0

    [add] Controller Blacklist [add] Error Message send now 403 [add] FRT for Reply [change] error...

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I've been waiting for this! Thank you for this Excellent add-on for free, I have installed it and worked perfectly.