Ebay parser

Ebay parser 2.0

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Ebay parser v2.0 changes:

Updated options page which now uses a single campaign ID. If upgrading from an older version, please be sure to add your campaign ID to the options page.
Ebay parser v1.9 changes:

Added support for unfurl.
Ebay parser v1.8 changes:

Updated for the new eBay tracking link structure.
Ebay parser v1.7 changes:

Code refactoring update.
Ebay parser v1.6 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Ebay parser v1.5 changes:

Fixed problem with unfurl function.
Ebay parser v1.4 changes:

Now supports unfurl.
Ebay parser v1.3 changes:

Now parses thread and conversation messages.
Ebay parser v1.2 changes

Updated regex code added /U command.
Ebay parser v1.1 changes:

Updated addon.json file.