[cv6] Node Icons & Tools

Unmaintained [cv6] Node Icons & Tools 1.3.2

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Updated the admin templates to allow users to properly select and update the node icons.
Fixed browser console error related to missing admin.js
  • new Name - Node Icons & Tools
  • new function: Collapse Categories - collapse icon each style
  • new function: Prefix Settings in edit node view is collapsable
  • style based and forum based option to allow collapse
  • require [cv6] Core AddOn for smoother Integrations of some features
Fixed bug with double click on default icon
I skipped 1.1.1, sorry for that. Now we are in 1.2

  • 1.2.0
    • more filter options for image use
    • New functionality: Mark Forum read with double click
  • 1.1.1
    • Fixed Database Model (aligned model and database creation)
    • opacity setting for images in the style node settings
reached 1.1.0 gold
barely few changes
  • added missing phrase
  • optimized JS code
New Version released.

Bugs fixed:
  • broken images in some cases
  • js optimizations
  • missing clean up job after uninstall
  • missing dislay on category page
  • New style option: icon size
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Fixed bugs with category images and branded Icons
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New Features:
  • Now Supports XF 2.2 with Search Forum and all other new features
  • Added Images as Icons
  • Added SVG Inject to have SVG Icons act with default colors.

Credits for SVG Inject:
  • Icon display in heading added in category and page view
New Feature:
  • Display custom icon in main node list for categories
  • Display of double Icons in direct view of all Subforums
  • Color Fix for all Subforums
Code Optimization:
  • more use of Xen Internal Calls.

New Feature:
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