Birthday thread

Birthday thread 2.2

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Birthday thread v2.2 changes:

Now using entity manager to update ThreadWatch data.
Birthday thread v2.1 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Birthday thread v2.0 changes:

Added code to prevent birthday threads being created for banned members.
Birthday thread v1.9 changes:

Updated options page. Now uses easier to use Destination forum selector.
Birthday thread v1.8 changes:

Added user group permissions to make it easier to select with group will receive a birthday thread.
Birthday thread v1.7 changes:

Add-on now properly updates thread watch so thread starter will properly get alerts when the new member replies.
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Birthday thread v1.6 changes:

Added Prefix ID to options page.
Birthday thread v1.5 changes:

Updated thread title phrase.
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Birthday thread v1.4 changes:

Added checks to ensure Options have been set.
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Birthday thread v1.3 changes:

This version requires you to uninstall any previous version first.

1) Uninstall previous version of Birthday thread.
2) Delete the Andy/BirthdayThread directory on your server.
3) Install latest version.

This new version now uses the XenForo cron entry.
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