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Unmaintained [Banxix] Bump Thread 1.0.5

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  • In older versions, users can bump thread immediately after the thread is posted regardless of permissions. This version adds new setting to disable the old behavior.
  • Bumped threads sorting will respect new thread's post date. That means new threads may come first in forum's thread list if they are more recent.
- Change sorting behavior from 1.0.3. Added new setting to apply Default Sort Order as Bumped Threads to selected forums.

- "Tme limit between each bump" permission uses XF permission system and it received the biggest number amongst all usergroups permissions. This verion added a setting to reverse the process and getting the shortest time-limit to benefit higher usergroups (shorter time is better).
Please note that you need to set the permissions for each node, this feature will not work for category permissions. You may use Permission Analyzer to get exact number.

Thanks @Joe Link for donating this version.
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Added a Bumped Threads filter in Forum filters.

Thanks @hacmieu for funding this feature.


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Accidentally found a bug on my forum that occurred when viewing user profile.
It was a silent bug and it did not trigger an error response to user. However logged in Server error logs.
  • "Enabled" option was ignored. Fixed.
  • Add option to place Bump button in quick reply area, right and left.


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