Resources by Robert9

Moderator Filter Resources R
Filtering of resources for selected user groups by status (visible, moderated, deleted)
Moderator Filter Threads R
Moderator Filter Threads 1.0.2 €10.00
Filtering of threads for selected user groups by status (visible, moderated, deleted) within a forum
Placeholder for custom text fields R
Show a placeholder for custom text fields. Help your users to fill out forms!
Prev / Next Threads R
Prev / Next Threads 1.0.3 €10.00
"Prev/next" function for threads with carousel mode
Account Menu Tweak R
Account Menu Tweak 1.0.1 €6.00
Remove text from links, add icons for bookmark and whats-new
Prev / Next Products R
Prev / Next Products 1.0.2 €10.00
Prev / next function for products with carousel mode
Language Question Captcha R
Language Question Captcha 1.0.1 €15.00
Create questions and answers for registration in different languages
Account Upgrade Info R
Account Upgrade Info 1.0.4 €10.00
Groups for upgrades for users and admin, info above and below upgrades, phrases for upgrades
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