Admin Log Search

Admin Log Search 2.4.2

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  • Improve searching moderator log for modlog action string, and when the modlog action phrase doesn't exist.
  • Improve like-escape for binary fields
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Improve compatibility of server error log template modification(s). Thanks @NamePros
  • Fix filtering by 'falsy' values in various text fields would fail
  • Add filtering by user rejection reason to the rejected user log
  • Fix admin log username search
  • Implement escaping for various 'like' operators on various binary fields in various admin logs
  • Fix filtering of user change log from a user's profile in the admincp
  • Add use of more php 7+ type hinting
  • Fix redundant queries when viewing error log
  • Fix styling issue with error log filter
  • Implement "soft delete" feature for error log items and provide a UI option to hard delete entries.
    • Support filtering by soft-delete state
    • Add the "Error log deletion mode" advanced option to control if soft delete is disabled, soft/hard delete are enabled or hard delete disabled.
    • Thanks to NamePros for this feature.
  • Fix clearing xenforo error log via filtering on text
  • Fix mixing stock filtering & add-on filtering in admin/mod log did not work
  • Add Banned Email address filtering
  • Add filtering by content id in attachment browser
  • Fix clearing filtered error log did not work
  • Require Standard Lib by Xon v1.6.0+
  • Fix possible self-XSS from filter terms
Note; pricing of this add-on has changed
  • Require php 7+
  • Require XenForo 2.1+
  • Conform XF2.2 support
  • Fix "Email bounce log" filtering not applying to pagenav as expected
  • Add "Discouraged IP addresses" filtering
  • Add "Banned IP addresses" filtering
  • Add "Banned users" filtering
  • Add "Spam cleaner log" filtering
  • Improve "Spam trigger log" filtering
  • Improve "Rejected user log" filtering
  • Improve "Admin log" filtering
  • Improve "Error log" filtering
  • Improve "Moderator log" filtering
  • Improve "User change log" filtering