AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics

Unmaintained AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics v1.4.0

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  • Added browser detection for "googleweblight" crawler user agent
  • Randomized a key element
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  • Usergroup swap rate modifier (increase limits for users that abuse usergroup swapping)
  • Increases number of non-detections required linearly as the number of previous usergroup swaps increase
Thanks to @Stuart Wright
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  • Fixed bug whereby admin statistics page opened the wrong right-hand side menu\
Thanks to @slinouille
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  • Wording updates as per @bzcomputers recommendations
  • Icon adjustments for clarity
  • "Reset Search" only resets any search for username or user ID
  • "Reset" for "Type" and "Order By" resets the entire list
  • Button update on chart page
  • Includes previous Alpha bug update for tracking
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  • Fixes tracking issue if you haven't selected to ignore bots
Currently Alpha while I consider packing in other updates for the actual 1.2.9 release.
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  • Resolved JavaScript error in detection script (missing element var name)
  • Added option to always ignore known robots/crawlers from tracking (on by default)
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  • Fixed bug whereby Guests and Global Charts were the same
  • Added feature to "Always Ignore Entities"
  • Added feature to "Delete Entities" (deletes entity but allows it to re-track in future)
  • Added delete users (clear log option)
  • Added delete all (clear log option)


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  • Fallback detection enabled
  • Randomization of variables
  • Minification on JS/HTML
  • Additional bait for adblock
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  • Added option for recording guests by IP (same option as previous, re-worded)
  • Added ability to list by Global, Guests, Users
  • Added charts by Global, Guests, Users
  • Added indexes to sortable columns
  • Added IP (varbinary)
  • Added IP index
  • Removed unused 'clear log' options
  • Updated language in parts
  • Set defaults to 2 and 2 for role swapping (you can use what you like)
  • Reset all current guest views (things will reset on install)
  • Numerous other improvements and unneeded code removals for performance benefits
This combined with AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] v1.9.2 on timer zero gets people to turn off their adblocker pretty quickly (or they leave pretty fast). Depending on your community, choose options carefully.
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