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    What are you listening to?

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    Image and attachment search and display

    I'd like to see the search function expanded to include images and attachments. More specifically I'd like to be able to search and display by thumbnail and URL, images uploaded by a specific user and/or within a date range and/or within a specified forum. I'd also like to see a similar search...
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    Help save music online

    Is the petition in favor of Article 13? If so could you give some insight as to how it might benefit creative artists. I'm a semi-professional musician as well as a forum owner and a bit of a skeptic so I would appreciate some further information on why I should sign the petition.
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    Microsoft is ditching the Edge browser for Windows

    Embrace, extend, and extinguish.
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    Implemented Please get rid of out of focus screens

    I would also like an option to disable the effect. I find the transition makes me feel surprisingly uncomfortable. That may well be a factor, the feeling of disappointment you get when you unexpectedly hit a pay-wall.
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    Mark Thread Read from Discussion List

    I would also like to see this function added to the core.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    They may well do but probably a lot less so now. Icann's request for a delay to comply with GDPR was turned down and as a result they have been forced to strip out most of the information on their site. This has not gone down too well with cyber-security firms and law enforcement agencies.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    It really is at this stage and that applies to some extent with the commissioning bodies tasked with administrating the regulation. That is until the regulation is tested in a court of law.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    Obviously at this stage almost everything is still open to some degree of interpretation but I'd say that wouldn't satisfy the regulations. If you delete a user then generally they are gone along with all their details and post history so there would be nothing left to rename. If however you...
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    GDPR discussion thread

    I would preempt that. Assuming you are operating within the UK, I would make sure your site is compliant with the regulations. I would then contact the ICO explain the situation and ask for guidance. Explain your concerns about proof of identity and the need to protect your user's data.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    The problem with that is none of the information identifies that person as the forum member. The only information that does in any realistic way is a matched email address and perhaps a static IP. I think this is good advice. I would put the protection of my member's data above and beyond a...
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    GDPR discussion thread

    Until there is a legal precedence set nobody can really answer that with any authority because it's unknown territory. My advice would be to try and ensure it is not you that gets caught up in a legal procedure so I would not assume that delaying your reply resets the clock. In fact I'm sure...
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    GDPR discussion thread

    Apologies, I thought it was my lack of understanding and didn't want to appear stupid. That's encouraging. I do think there is some scope for added functionality to help ease the way towards compliance although I also appreciate at this stage some of the legislation is open to interpretation.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    No, the maximum 2nd tier fine is up to €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover - whichever is higher. Taking Facebook as an example, 4% of their annual turnover would tower above €20 million but it is still limited to 4%. Is that the case for xenForo 1 and 2 or just the current version? In...
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