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    MG 2.2 Mirror Attachments from Resource Category

    Hi, I know of the option to mirror attachments from a forum ("Mirror attachments from forums" option) What I want to do is the same, but for XFRM resource categories. So mirror all attachments from a particular resource category as a XFMG gallery. Is there an option for this?
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    [Xenbros] XFRM Gallery widget [Deleted]

    Hi, I may have bought a bit hastily as I don't think it is compatible with Xenforo 2.2 yet. Specifically the error is: "Error rendering widget: Unknown column reaction_score on XFRM:ResourceItem". A shame as this is a really nice plugin. Do you know when it will be ready for 2.2?
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    Resource Manager

    These are definately useful. (As an aside we won't be using star ratings as we feel they're a bit... elitist, idk, we're a development site; but the structure of the mod is certainly going to be useful.) Thank you. Individual user blogs for the update log, etc, will be harder, unless the blog...
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    Resource Manager

    Ah, thanks anyway. Will crack on with it.
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    Resource Manager

    Hi, I know how annoying asking release dates can be etc, My site are moving to xenForo and want to make a big CMS to go alongside it. We found that a big part of what we want is actually the resource manager here. We're fine to create it ourselves (were going to, until we saw that the...