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    Entry Process limit

    Sorry for the delay. I didn't see the response in my notifications. All those visitors/bots could certainly be causing that.
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    Entry Process limit

    How many people do you normally have on your forum at the same time? Could also be bots as well.
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    Entry Process limit

    Here's how Cloudlinux describes Entry Processes: EP stands for “Entry Processes”. This is the number of concurrent Apache connections your site can sustain. Don’t confuse this with total number of connections – that could easily be in the hundreds or even thousands. Concurrent means processes...
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    XF 1.5 Sign-in Loop

    Thanks. Didn't fix it. :(
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    XF 1.5 Sign-in Loop

    No, never did. The change was just having that user use a different browser. Obviously not the ideal fix. I'm actually experiencing this problem now in Firefox (since about 2 updates ago) any time I try to go to the admin panel. Works fine in Chrome.
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    my server cache ram.

    This is how linux works. Jeremy P's article is a good one. Linux is very different from Windows in how RAM is handled.
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    What’s the best host?

    As Brogan said, it's not going to be offered as a one-click install, but I can't think of a single host in existence (shared host) who wouldn't be able to either install XF for you or give you guidance and help you do it. Have you asked your host to help you?
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    Best host/server

    There isn't anything special about Xenforo vs. hosting anything else.
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    If you have CloudFlare Premium, you need to contact their support. They will at least attempt to use the best settings to combat your attack. Doesn't always work, but they'll sure try, since you're a paying customer. Are you 100% sure they are going through CloudFlare? If they know your...
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    Why NOT To Use AmazonSES

    Dedicated IPs are not going to solve the issue, as almost no blacklist in existence blocks single IP addresses. They block the entire subnet. So dedicated IP or not, if your neighbor causes the IP block to get listed, you're SOL.
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    VPS with good support, modest price

    You can't go wrong with Knownhost for managed hosting.
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    Host problem

    They are not.
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    Do suggest about server configuration for my website

    Alexa rankings are useless. If you're regularly seeing a 1.1 load on a 1 CPU VPS under normal traffic, that isn't ideal, and you're getting to the point of needing more CPU. Of course, if it only does that during backups or some resource-intensive ops, you're fine. Unlike Windows, linux...
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    Performance impact of geography

    It doesn't quite work that way, but that's okay. Instead of using charts and Chrome Inspect, use some real world examples. I recently took a test 3mb website with 100 requests. Large by any standards. It is less than 1.5 seconds page load difference to pretty much anywhere in the world...
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    Performance impact of geography

    You do understand that in most instances, you're literally talking about a blink of an eye, right? I'm in LA. The difference between a server here in LA and one almost anywhere in the world (i.e. Africa) is less than 200ms. I'm right around 200ms from Johannesburg. Unless you're running a...