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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    I have no plans to install or update to Windows 11 at this time. There is no reason to compel change at this time.
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    Uses for Resource ad on?

    One of my forums uses it for newsletter editors to share articles amongst the group.
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    Thanks to all

    Best wishes in the future.
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    Why is XenForo so expensive

    Norman Collins said , "Good work ain't cheap. Cheap work ain't good." We all (all countries) should pay the same price to support the good work being done by XF staff if we want good quality software. If someone can't afford XF, they can use free software until they can afford to buy it.
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    Forums are dead

    Golly, back in the day, I remember 6th grade girls being very passionate about the Beatles...and they weren't 14 years old.
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    how to allow a moderator to promote users to specific user groups?

    Outstanding. Thanks for the update.
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    how to allow a moderator to promote users to specific user groups?

    The developer of this add-on has deprecated it and removing access to it on September 1st, unless another developer takes it on. It is a nice add-on.
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    Is anyone watching the Olympics?

    Nope. No interest.
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    Starting New Forum - In What Order Should I Go

    I also use A2 hosting and their service seems very good. Tech support is responsive and much better than a previous host I used.
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    Back to Xenforo Side

    No problem. If you had used a major credit card, the card brand agreement with the merchant is the goods or service must be delivered within a reasonable time. If not, the transaction is subject to being charged back. If PayPal didn't deliver or reversed your charges, got could dispute the...
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    Back to Xenforo Side

    If you used a credit card to purchase the software through PayPal, you may want to file a dispute with your credit card company. If that is the case, your credit card issuer may be able to reverse the transaction.
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    XF 2.2 2FA problems

    2FA seems to work OK for me. It seems to request every 30 days for trusting my device.
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    Why is XenForo so expensive

    I think you'll enjoy using the software.
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    Query about adding another admin

    If that is the case, it may be worth revoking his moderator permissions sooner than later to avoid problems down the road.
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    XF 2.2 Some Users not able to access site

    I've also been able to access it from Pennsylvania without issues using Chrome.