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    Amazon SES Bounces Support

    Hi Julian, thanks for a great addon. I am looking to get this enabled on our forums, as we use SES to process emails. Quick q: In the SNS topic for our forum, under subscriptions I see that the Endpoint for our HTTPS protocol is showing as pending confirmation. I can request confirmation, but...
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    Supporting Popular API Integrations Such as Zapier and PieSync

    Does it enable you to integrate newly signed up members into a mailing provider like Mailchimp, for example? I would figure that a RSS integration merely allows for automation of content sharing.
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    Graphic Avatar/Userbit graphic request

    So our forums have been around for 15 years. We are lucky to still have a lot of members actively posting who have been with the community for 10+ years and they belong to a usergroup named O.G. Whether it stands for Old Guard or Original Gangster, the jury is still debating. Pre-XF 2.1 I had...
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    Custom Addon Development | Xenforo 2.x | Xenforo 1.x | Custom Styling | Migration Services (9+ Experience)

    Not to sound like a broken record, but I am adding another positive review for Fahad. The scope of the work was rather small, I needed to get a custom profile addon developed and Fahad came through quickly, professionally and at a good price. He's quick to respond on Skype, I am starting to...
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    Add-on Custom profile info tabs

    I've searched high and low and can't find a suitable solution for this. On our community, users like to keep a list of inventory (My Collection) as well as a separate list of wanted items (Wishlist). I am aware of custom profile fields, but they merely are displayed on the About tab of a user's...
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    Report Improvements by Xon

    Hey @Xon - first of all great job on all your XF addons, they've been essential to our forums for years. I was wondering if you could include an option to automatically return to the Reported items page upon marking a report as Resolved. On XF 1.5 this functionality was on by default, now on...
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    XF 2.1 Custom Profile Tabs For Members

    Hey there @SyTry - is this available by any chance? I am also looking for a solution to add custom tabs to member profiles. Thanks!
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    Native app for communities

    Looking good Mike, can't wait to give this a spin as soon as it's readily available.
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    Moderator Essentials [Paid]

    Thank you Xon for clarifying!
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    Moderator Essentials [Paid]

    Hi Xon, thanks for the great addon, much appreciated and very useful. I did notice that the automated report resolution upon deletion of a post doesn't seem to stick. Is this something that should be triggered immediately or via cron later? Thanks!
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    User Essentials [Paid]

    Hi @Xon - I tried to update to the latest release, but the browser would keep hanging. Is this addon incompatible with large boards? Thanks!
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    Similar Threads Plus

    I agree with this, @AndyB - closed threads should be automatically ignored, or the option offered in the settings. I know this has also been addressed in the other non-ES version's discussion, but why does there seem to be a bias towards older threads, even though newer threads exist with...
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    [TH] Advanced Thread Archiver [Deleted]

    This is a wonderful addon, thanks @Jake B.
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    The Large XenForo Forums List 30,304,736 XF 1.5
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    XF 1.5 Tapatalk Images Improperly Imported?

    Thanks Mike! The images that are attached by our Tapatalk BYO app are max 2MP in size, the app already resizes the images. Perhaps I can try and run a thumb rebuild on all images, perhaps that failed during import (we have nearly 1TB of attachments). Going to look into how to get that done.