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    XF 1.5 Redirecting Xenforo to Subfolder (Nginx)

    Actually, i have a Route filter that changes forums/ to discuss/, so I guess that won’t cause a conflict. On the way i have somewhat corrected the issue by adding like this location ^~ /threads { rewrite ^/threads/(.*)$ /forums/threads/$1 redirect; } location ^~...
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    XF 1.5 Redirecting Xenforo to Subfolder (Nginx)

    Hey guys need a urgent help with this. Today i moved by Xenforo installation from root directory to subfolder /forums. (have now a WordPress on the root directory) So now i need to permanently redirect all old request (threads|forums|members) to the new /forums destination in the correct...
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    Post Content Find / Replace

    Superb that will work.. i will give it a try now.. On the way by enabling the proxy image my server load gone up and cloudflare is not caching those images resulting in slow site :( . So was thinking to disbale image proxy and use instead the https image tag. Imgur actually offers that.
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    Post Content Find / Replace

    @Burp can you please help me with a regular expression I'm looking to convert all imgur image links from http to https example - I want the image tags from to
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    Removing .php extension from proxy.php images ?

    Bumping the thread.. for any solution to the issue...
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    Thread Navigation by Waindigo [Deleted]

    And seems they make all free resources to paid ones ;(
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    [TH] Metadata

    the inspect element come up with no errors and there nothing showing up on the image I have selected {$title} for the image alt tag
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    Search & Replace in Phrases

    That's a great mod :) making it way easy to change a phrase
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    Post Content Find / Replace

    @Chris D can you please help me on the above string...
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    Post Content Find / Replace

    It would be really great if some one can help me out on this, as i'm not at all good at regular expression and strings. I need to convert Image urls from imgur from http to https So for example need to convert all imagur links in post - to I have found the Regualr expression to use from...
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    [TH] Metadata

    Yup.. i saw that now.. thanks.. So @Audentio Design @Mike Creuze @Jake B. any update on this :)
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    [TH] Metadata

    Cool addon @Jon W does the image alt tag works for images URL (not attached ones)? also does activating the addon works for older post.
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    Related Contents

    Cool addon - can we modify it or style it.. like regular related topic like an image along with title and some expert of the thread?
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    Login as User

    ha my bad.. it seems to be working.. when i cleared the whole form cache (along with Cloud flare ones)... Sorry :(
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    [TH] Login As User

    Bump! any update on this?