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    Lack of interest Choosing Forums/New posts as Forums default page should be User configurable option.

    as per title, individual users should be able to set Forums default page from their user profiles.
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    Allow Embedding image urls from web.

    moreover how embedded media is supposed to have thumbnail?
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    Allow Embedding image urls from web.

    Image inserted by url
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    Allow Embedding image urls from web.

    just tried embedding this via Embed button but failed. it would be great for making image collections.
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    Making film strip scroll horizontally

    will feel smooth to navigate with scoll function than clicking arrows cuz arrows are already there with above main image.
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    What's new in the official add-ons (2.0)

    sensible updates,may not be huge but on-point just like the dna of Xen. nowadays, apple's m4a is also very much digitally-natural to be supported here sometime soon. also curious if XFMG having some sort of auto image resizing/compression at upload time to keep images above 2 MB in limits...
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    Implemented Poll widget at main page

    appears without question to poll for. One needs visit thread to get the context.
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    I can see link above twitter embed,is that okay?
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    anybody else finding member card to member tooltip transition,underwhelming? though its neat and functional but not doing justice to Avatar updates by users:p Avatar should be shifted above the blue block to appear in full glory with like/comment hover options (comment may add up at user...
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    Create a global 'Post' button, always visible on any page and any screen size, guiding the user to post any content type

    why this is supposed to be selected by user,should be sensed by URL scheme - whether its a forum/thread/resource etc reducing hassle of a step.
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    Lack of interest Alert popup in the middle of the screen especially for conversations...

    just this much info in alert would be oldskool:p Much richer alert would be something like Xen1.0's membercard,carrying Sender's Avatar+Online Status,showing first 2 lines and click more to read full interface,below that Reply Now/Later/Seen Options (like Call receive/reject in phones)...
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    for an average user's feedback, that pair of buttons "New post" & "Post thread" looks like some shoddy patchwork done in hurry (neither both are of equal nor matching sidebar width below collectively) whenever you guys get some time off more important stuff,please try a lil bit of polishing if...
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    Okay when exactly Kier takes up front end polishing? like the kind of love showered in ACP.

    Okay when exactly Kier takes up front end polishing? like the kind of love showered in ACP.
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    welcoming this Pagination change, just a long-press addition to present 1,2,3,4,5 pages vertically as option ( like fb reactions) will make it gold.
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    8 things wrong with the XF2 mobile experience

    as of demand by almost every forum admin,to keep up with user's experience, forum softwares should have some inbuilt system to instantly Capture/Record whats onscreen as Screenshot /GIF/Video to tackle user issues with forum. This will help admin/mods to tackle user's How to - do this & that...