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    [TH] Join User Group [Deleted]

    I've been thinking about getting back into the game but never had any real incentive to (as I no longer run any forums). I'm happy to discuss funding options.
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    Add-on Rebooting Custom Markup For User Add-On

    Thanks for reaching out - I think I'll be going for a CSS-class-based system.
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    [SSD] Custom Markup For User

    Some have asked me to reboot the addon for 2.x. If you'd like to see this add-on updated please leave a comment here:
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    Add-on Rebooting Custom Markup For User Add-On

    A few years ago I made the original Custom Markup for User add-on. @DarkGizmo has PM'd me asking if I would upgrade the add-on for 2.x. I was wondering if there's any interest for this add-on still? (In 2020 I think they're rather tacky.) Maybe @IGN Engineering ?
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    Public Usergroups

    Do you have a source for this? Again I am happy to update the mod to xF2 if nobody else is doing it (later in the year)
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    [TH] Join User Group [Deleted]

    I might look into porting this to 2.0 in early 2019 if nobody picks this up.
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    Fixed Content bookmark icon gets underlined on hover

    Can confirm on Firefox 63.0.2 on Android 8.
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    XenForo 3

    Do versions even matter?
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    Generate html pages from Xenforo threads?

    Y Will probably require custom development. However there are portal add-ons that might do what you want, such as XenPorta.
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    Is knowing php enough to be able to code Xenforo add-ons?

    This is pretty much saying "Knowing how to put legos together will get you a lego tower", but yes. XenForo is written in PHP. You'll also need to know the basics of database administration to interact with the database, and HTML/CSS/JS to write front-end code.
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    $250 to remove brand removal?? Is this true?

    I think if you have to care about what forum software your competitors use, there would be bigger problems you need to pay attention to, such as the content of your forum...
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    XF 1.5 Is it possible to identify staff by cookie?

    Cookies are stored on client machines and should be considered compromised. (this was my original comment by the way, before I realised I misunderstood things)
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    XF 1.5 Is it possible to identify staff by cookie?

    Apologies, I removed my last post because I realised I misunderstood your post. If your WAF can look up XF's datastore then you should be able to look up user info with the `xf_session` cookie, which contains the session ID. How much of a performance penalty I don't know - depends on where you...
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    Upgrade from XenForo 1.1.3?

    Given you have little to no add-ons/themes, the hardest part in the process would probably be getting the license details sorted.
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    Xenforo 1.x Demo?

    You could always hire a dev to write a custom importer for you.