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    [bd] Attachment Store [Paid]

    @misteraven I did not use it till now because of some comments earlier in this thread, so better be careful. Probably @xfrocks is talking about "Tools" - "Rebuild Caches" - "Move Attachment Data" / "Update Attachment Data Storage Options"
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    Member Cards 2018!

    Did anyone tried to design the member card in xf2 similar to the one from xf1? I like the card design in xf1, especially with styling from @ThemeHouse styles. The current xf2 version is somehow "neutral naked", some design elements could make it more personal.
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    XF 1.5 $user.thread_count exists?

    Is there a variable "thread_count" like "message_count", reachable in templates, to have the number of threads started by an user? {xen:number $user.message_count} works. {xen:number $user.thread_count} always shows 0.
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    Xenith [Paid]

    Thank you for updating, @ThemeHouse Just one obvious things: can I put the "to top / to bottom buttons" at the right bottom of every page above the cookie notice (orange in the screenshot)? Social Share (addon) does it: A simple css z-index does not solve it, although the # is...
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    User Activity by Xon

    Thank you @Xon, I will. Maybe you can add this option later to the XF2 version. Thanks for keeping the addon up-to-date for XF2!
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    [RainDD] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread)

    Ok, that sounds fine. I intended to re-install the other, but I will hear your hint ;) Edit: Yep, worked @Xon, thank you. I had to revert my commenting, but it seems to be correct now.
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    [RainDD] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread)

    Ok, the template RainDD_UA_ThreadViewContainer is still rendered into the pages and active. It shows the user avatars above thread listing, even though the addon is uninstalled. It seems to work, since Xons addon is running - but shows above mentioned error. If I comment out the content of the...
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    User Activity by Xon

    Just a great addon, thank you, @Xon! Could you please add an option in AdminCP for thread listing? Same as this for thread viewing: At the moment, it's above thread list, but it would be nice to have it below. Especially, since I set it below quick reply for threads and it is shown below...
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    [RainDD] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread)

    I uninstalled this (great) addon after switching to @Xon s 1.6.6 version in preperation for XF2. At the same time I installed Xenforo 1.5.20b with Xenith Themehouse Style 1.5.20. Now I get this on top of every thread page and thread listings: I think it's a relict of the templates...
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    [XFA] MG Categories Layout [Paid]

    Yes, it does. I funded the first version and it works nicely in 1.5.18 at the moment. Find my rewiews here.
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    Xenith [Paid]

    I managed to download the required fonts with the Google Webfonts Helper, which additionally provided a "@font-face"-css for all font formats. But, if I try to load that css (like the font-awesome below) through @imagePath/uix/css/pt-sans.css in the font field of the style propery "[UI.X]...
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    Xenith [Paid]

    Is there a way to download a Google Font and place it here in the [UI.X] Typography style properties @Dalton Prock @ThemeHouse ? I would like to avoid calling Google to get the font, because of possible GDPR conflicts:
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    XF 1.5 How to include user infos for a newsletter subscription in forums footer?

    Many thanks to @AddonsLab for his valuable help. The secret are template edits with Xenforo code/syntax.
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    Recent Posts by Siropu [Paid]

    Thanks for confirming, @Siropu. And the suggestion was for the XF2 version.