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    s9e Media Sites

    Could you please add Didn't found it in the list and updates. It's the "YouTube" for VR videos (would it be possible to add it to the xf1-version too, please?). Same applies for, this is one of the most important sites for 3D, VR/AR models (for xf1 + xf2, please). Again...
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    Calendar [Paid]

    All right, thank you. I didn't realize that there is a real thread behind the tab "Discussion". The thread is also listed in the respective forum, great. Are these threads always updated in the "Recent Threads" when creating the event and when replying in the thread? Then only the option would...
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    Calendar [Paid]

    Yes, I mean the approach of XenAtendo Pro. I'm using it right now and that's the best thing about XenAtendo: that you can start a thread for events. The event view is then no longer individually accessible, but linked to the respective thread with Google Maps + description, etc. So events are...
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    Calendar [Paid]

    My experience is that users often simply overlook Xenforo's tabs. All contents behind tabs are not used as intensively as if they were on the same scrollable page. This is probably due to the very frequent mobile use and the superficial viewing. I would therefore prefer a "real" thread...
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    Calendar [Paid]

    Great, I just discovered this calendar addon. I like it very, very much. It is also very nice that an XF2 variant is planned. I really like the "all day" option. With our events it is often the case that a time is not yet known when the events are entered. At XenAtendo we always have to assign...
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    Abyss [Paid]

    I have just searched a little in XF1 for you (I don't have XF2 yet). It is a user group permission. For the group "Unregisterd / Unconfirmed" the option "[UI.X] -> Can view welcome block" must be set to "Allow", for "Registered" to "Not set (No)" or "Never". You can also modify the Welcome...
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    Abyss [Paid]

    There is an option in the style options or in the user group options to disable the welcome block for registered logged in visitors. I don't remember exactly where. But it turns off the welcome block completely when you log in. I don't know how to just turn off the registration button, it' not...
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    Does A Former Member Of A Forum Using Xenforo Have The Legal Right To Have All Of Their Posts Removed?

    There is no copyright in the EU. We have the" Urheberrecht", which functions a little different than the US copyright. In the EU (at least in Germany), copyright cannot be transferred from one person to another. The right holder can only grant rights of use to others. Be that as it may: At...
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    Other Often errors with Google's Maps API

    It's still happening to us. Sometimes, on a few days, we can enter many dates in the calendar with very few error messages. That's so liberating. Normally there are many error messages and not rarely we can hardly enter a few dates and get the error message 10, 20, 30 times or more often - per date!
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    Add-on XF2 - Mediawiki - Or any other WIKI Addon?

    Thanks @Xon, I'm gonna take a good look at your addon, too. Not as a wiki, but there are other threads in my forum that should be worked on together. At the moment we are fully committed to connecting the current MediaWiki to Xenforo2, we are currently reviewing some options and then decide...
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    Abyss [Paid]

    This should be the welcome block in the style options of UI.X/Abyss. There you can enter HTML.
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    Icewind Most Online [Deleted]

    Thank you, @Brad Padgett. I wasn't aware of your plugin, perfect!
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Member Map

    I'd love to, Fillip: However, the addon was automatically deleted from the Xenforo system because it was not updated for a long time. But you can find the map on the programmer's own page here...
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Member Map

    Yes, it does:
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    User map [Deleted]

    But the member map by XFA is only for XF1. XFA have announced to develop for XF2 but I would assume that it will take longer. I hope for DBTech instead: